Management system certification body

CVI is an internationally operating management systems certification body.

  • is accredited for management systems certification by the SNAS which is recognised by the IAF. It assures global acceptance of CVI certificates. Precise and up-to-date information on the scope of accreditation is provided by SNAS ( CVI provides this information on request. CVI is also a member of IRACAB;
  • utilises experts experienced in companies of European and world wide significance;
  • has increasingly become popular with managers and staff of certified organisations, and applicants for certification by its pragmatic and highly cultivated approach to assessment and certification.
CVI SK - Contact

CVI   Slovakia

  • Address
      CVI, s.r.o.
      MPCL 3170/31
      058 01 POPRAD
  • Telephone
      +421 944 013 365
      +421 948 037 277
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